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Recently I have made the switch away from MS (OS and Outlook) 100% and and am on Ubuntu 22.04 (all latest patches and 5.19 kernel) and currently running latest Thunderbird beta 104.0b2. To be clear, I am NOT an email power user. I have three accounts and use them for nothing more than personal email and a single account for the calendar.

What is bugging me is that "Mark as Read" is only an on/off config. Meaning, either it is marked when seen or a delay. However, when I forward and email or open the message in a new window, it does not mark the email as read. In each case I need to manually mark it as read.

Again, I am on the latest beta and this may not be what prod actually does and/or could very well be something in the works already, and if so, mea culpa!



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There should be an option that when an email is opened, it it automatically marked as "read." 

It is absurd that if you have an email that you want to delete, you have to mark it 'read' first.  Otherwise, it goes in Trash as 'unread'.  Two actions per email to accomplish this is a waste.  Please change the options for marking!!!!