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Status: New idea

Hi, first time posting, so if I´m in the wrong forum please excuse me.
I have a feature request, if that is the right wording?

Background: Long time user of Thunderbird privately, but forced to use "MS Outlook" at work.

Question/feature enhancement request:
The only thing I miss in Thunderbird, is the feature to search "related messages".
In "MS Outlook", you can right click a message and select "search related / search related in this conversation", which is really useful when you get a lot of emails, you can easily filter out what messages you have sent/received on a subject matter.
(See attached screenshot in Swedish, translation is: "sök relaterade = search related, meddelanden i den här konversationen = messages in this conversation"

This is a neat feature in "MS Outlook", and the only thing I miss in Thunderbird, would be a great feature if it would be possible to implement.

English is not my first language, so excuses for any spelling errors.

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Community Manager

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