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Strollin' around
Status: New idea


Create a signature database from which signatures can be selected manually or automatically by predefined rules.

How to know when it's done:

Done if the user is able to click on "Signatures"-Button at a new mail window to choose from added signatures. The user can also click on "Manage signatures" to see a signatures window or a section in settings to edit the list.

Done if signature entries in "Signatures" have rules set for them to be auto inserted as signature to a mail (i.ex. If mail is being send to "*" adresse use signature 1, or If mail to "" adresse use signature 2.

Done if folders which can have rules set to them have specific signatures for mail interactions (just like: #Feature request filters# by @Flapjack )

Done if signatures and functionality are the same on desktop and mobile (currently K9) client. This includes HTML signatures mentioned in: #Feature request signatures# by @klikini

Impact on productivity/business:

This comes handy for people which communicate with different people in different languages, or with co-workers or customers while Thunderbird always selects the right signature based on rules or folder rules where respecting filtered mails lay and it is manually selectable by users as well.

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