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Status: New idea

On Thunderbird Mail Activity Manager, implement a option to cancel or stop an running action

Status changed to: New idea
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I strongly second this.  I have a large number of operations in my Thunderbird Activity Manager window which for weeks have failed to ever complete. 

Specifically it's a deleted folders bug in thunderbird when dealing with both IMAP servers at my 2 mail hosts (work and private).  The folders were deleted a week ago without issue, but Thunderbird just will not stop trying and failing and retrying.  Activity Manager messages:

  • The attempted action (masked for privacy): 
    "Deleted folder Sys-B-Tel  /n  z***@***.com"
  • Followed a short while later by this logic bending message: 
    "The current operation on 'Sys-B-Tel' did not succeed. The mail server for account z***@***.com responded: Mailbox does not exist."

It's painfully bad. I get it, bugs happen.  But please give us a way to abort recurring thunderbird actions that are failing for some dumb reason.  They seem to be hidden somewhere users can't reach...

New member

I also second that.

But @ZebulonGlitch I also suggest that, given that you have already traced the origins of your specific problem, to create an issue for it on Bugzilla.