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To encourage good corporate governance and email usage - and minimize spamming and criminal activity

When at least two elements (starting from the back of the domain do not match) do something, move it to a different folder, let us mark it as low priority or suspicious (another priority I would like to see.)
It must work from back to front.  The minimum matches must be two: the dot com and the next one up.

Keep in mind the ' something AT'  was/is an old standard for email addresses.  I have not seen one in years.      Return path is optional but it could be used to criminals to determine if a email address is valid.  Note the return path could be used to determine phishing expeditions, if they don't match I would want to know someone actually sent it, perhaps this is 'another filter'.  This is up for discussion.

If something comes from

it is bad if it has

it is bad  if it has

it is OK if it has

it is Ok if it has

it is bad if it has

If it is from  I don't know what to do but at least it would pass first hurdle.  BUT if sender and reply to don't match      reply to it should be italicized or something - allow us to manage that part somehow.


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