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I created a filter to match any of a long list of email domains.  ("Companies" trying to offer me loans, daily.)  The filter is set up to "match any."  The list tests "From ends with."  I accidentally added another row but forgot to enter a domain in the empty field.  That filter row matched ALL my email, (and sent them to my trash).

I think it would be a wise user design feature to reject any rows that have a blank field.  🙂

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I TOTALLY AGREE as it has already happened to me 2 times and I found out why.

If, when filling in the last field of a filter based on the "from" logic, I (accidentally) press the "Enter" key, the following happens:
- another filter is created with the same logic (from), but the last field is empty (where the email associated with the filter should be specified) which is equivalent to operating on all the emails in the folder
- at the same time the filter editing window closes (I suppose "Enter" acts also on "Ok" button that close editing window), so you don't realize that wrong line...

The problem is not trivial: for me it moved hundreds of emails (I was at the beginning of a complex filter system) and I had to activate the counting of emails in a folder to understand where they had ended up (and find 2 filters with this problem) and remedy it manually since it is not an undo is possible

PROPOSAL: I'm not saying to prohibit such a logic, but at least make a warning popup appear when a new filter is inserted: e.g. "Empty filter field found which means to work on all emails in the folder: do you really want to proceed ?"