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Status: New idea

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In Thunderbird I have Folders for Companies and Individuals based on their email addresses, I want different signatures for each Folder.
This is a feature in the Virtual Access email software, where when a folder is the 'active' or highlighted folder, you use the 'Signature' icon or menu option, and you can then created your 'Signature' for that particular folder.
So for my friends my signature is 'All best, Jonathon' or for my family 'Love, Dad' or 'Love, Jonathon' for acquaintances or companies, a signature that included my address and contact numbers.

New member

This is really missing from Thunderbird. The manage identities feature is not so easy. The easiest way is to have something like in older Windows Live Mail where you could insert different signatures (from drop-down list) no matter which account you were using. Even in the new W10 Email program this feature is easy to use and customize.