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with e-mail you often have to type repetitive texts that you want to make a bit easier and faster to type. I know the excellent add-in "Autotext", but in many companies it is not allowed to install add-ins.

It would be great, if the basic functions of autotext could be implemented into Thunderbird by default.

E.g. the scripting-funtions isn't a basic feature and I won't miss that. But the functions to make your own text-templates (incl. line-breaks and variables for the cursor-position, the clipboard-content and the name of the person who mailed you) and assign this templates to 3-letter-combinations and to keyboard-shortcuts should be built into Thunderbird by default.

Because typing repetitive text is a common task with e-mail, but also a very annoying and time-comsuming thing. It would be a great feature to have this functionality for all users, even those, who cannot (or don't want to) install add-ins.

Greetings, Lucien


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