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Status: Delivered

The new Thunderbird address book (version 102.2.0) no longer computes and displays a count of how many email addresses are in a list. Since my email server only allows a fixed maximum number of emails to be sent at a time, it is important to know how many addresses are in the list so that I keep the count low enough to send. Can that please be added back into the new version please


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The new version 102 address book is frustrating. Where can I see how many contacts are in the address book? Also how many in each list I have made? The purpose for me using a list is so I can send emails with no more than my limit of 300 addresses in it, but with no way to know how many contacts are in a list, I have to count them all manually? Please fix this.

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Coincido plenamente con tu comentario. Es más, me ha extrañado que tu límite sea de 300 direcciones. A mí me limita a 100 ¿?

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I logged in to post the same "complaint."  Also, the scroll bar automatically brings up a contact.  I don't want it to do that.  I want to scroll my entire contact list (it still does it but this is a bug).

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After updating the Thunderbird to version 102, the number of contacts is not displayed in the address book. That is, when selecting a book earlier, the total number of contacts in it was shown at the bottom.
This is not the case now. It was convenient. Can you return it?

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Ditto. I NEED the count for each of my address lists! PLEASE add it back!!!!!!

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The number of contacts in an address book used to be listed on the bottom of each list which made it easy to stay within some providers limits on contacts per email.

Please add it back in!!!!

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In the past their was the number of adresses in the stausline of the adressbook. Please add again to version 102.3.0

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Yes, I agree, it's frustrating. I also need the number of adresses back and I also need to change the width of the columns. This update really is a downgrade.

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The new book adress which comes with the thnderbird 102.3.0 does not present the number of adress the book or the list contain. Why this information which is very useful was deleted? Is three an other way to botain this information?

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,

Exciting news...

Your idea has been shared with the Thunderbird team, and we're happy to report back that the feature is 'In development.'

Please stay tuned for updates 😃

-The Community Team