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Status: New idea

Over the years, I have come across many people who do not know where to locate their stored passwords.
It would seem that the majority of these people automatically go to 'Account Settings' when they need to eg: alter a saved password.

But they cannot see anything to do with Passwords because nothing to do with passwords is stored or located in Account Settings.

Therefore, I'm requesting an enhancement.
In 'Account Settings'
Bottom of left pane is 'Thunderbird Settings' which is actually just another link to 'Settings'. The word 'Thunderbird' being superflous because what other Settings would you expect in Thunderbird and it does not imply Security or Passwords.
It would be very helpful if there was a more obvious link to locate 'Stored Passwords'.
It's important to use the word 'Password' in the clickable link/button.
The clickable button should auto open 'Settings > Privacy & Security > and have focus on 'Passwords' section and display 'Saved Passwords' button.

This has been created as a bug/enhancement in bugzilla:

But it's advised to also post in this forum.


Status changed to: New idea
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