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Status: New idea

FOR    MOZILLA CHAIR and CEO and Staff,


A great idea-- here it is: a ready-made Button on the browser with the word ZOMBIE. The browser is called Mozilla with z already. So if there is any new movie or new scene involving zombies that is uploaded, there is a signal or color code indicating a new zombie movie or uploaded scene on Youtube, for example. We can refer to it as the MoZOMBIE, ZOMBILLARM, or ZOMBITES or MoZOMBITES.

The thing is: searching for great scenes involving Zombies is popular!! And there at times I just canโ€™t get enough Zombie movies and the next zombie. I search and search, mainly on Youtubeโ„ข. Anywayโ€ฆ

Eventually this prominent button (which can be called MOZILLAMP) can evolve into other personalized words. And this may include a โ€˜Mozillampโ€™ for Mastodonโ„ข users to be alerted on certain new โ€œtootsโ€ or topics referenced.

I hope you find my ideas worthwhile. I really thank you for the time.



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all cool

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