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Taking Firefox into the Future…… I really like Firefox but.. It needs something dynamic, exciting, new, fresh, and active.

I recently messed about with (running in the Firefox browser) which lets you view thousands of indexed stations from around the world complements of GitHub and M3U files. I thought what if the folks of GitHub, & Firefox got together, and added “television” as a standard browser feature. (I sometimes watch feeds, while surfing) then I thought again. Windows 11 desktop seems boring, what happened to the dynamic desktop Icons that move about and change color to indicate incoming calls (think Skype) or display activity such CPU load, current status etc. Why can’t I “stretch” the size of the icons to make them larger opening various applications or smaller, and why are search engine results on the internet TEXT based, and not Dynamic Icons you can interact with.

When you look about in college computer labs, what do you see, most of the users are “surfing the net” for info then running a work processor or spread sheet program, Why can’t FIREFOX be the entire desktop? An overlay of stuck in stone windows. Why can’t I simply move some of the commonly used desktop icons as transparency on the bottom of the web pages as I view them? Clicking on them to pull up the word processor or spreadsheet to take notes and then collapsing them down when not needed, why am I constantly moving blocks of static “open applications” to surf or shifting between desktops?

If I were to complain, it would be the unorganized mess of themes, which for some strange reason are mostly dark mode. Why can’t I choose to make a theme lite or dark? Perhaps, I am just too stupid, and these are just stupid ideas, but what if, the mecca of stone age internet changed, when Firefox set the course correction on the warp drive.






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