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Some webpages (like office 365) override the contextual/right-click option, so Firefox's "Take Screenshot" option will not appear. I know that I can add the screenshot button to the toolbar, but I only need it for the rare case where the contextual icon is disabled. To me, it makes sense to include this in one of the menu options somewhere. Most software that provides a contextual menu option also provides a way of accessing that option from the main menu (especially for functionality where you don't actually need to click on an individual element for it to work... like screenshotting a webpage).

I don't think this necessarily needs to go in Tools > Browser Tools > Take Screenshot, but that seems like a logical place for it.

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Why not just pin the Screenshot toolbar button to the overflow menu?


I will just mention that if you hold the Shift key when right-clicking, Firefox will usually bypass the site's menu and show it's own menu. Handy on many sites!

Making moves

Yes, please put the screenshot command somewhere in addition to the actual web content window, and yes, sites like Home Depot will allow the right-click menu to display, but when I try to do a screenshot, the screenshot UI does not appear.  Not cool!

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In the Ξ menu, it would also fit under "More tools"[en] / "Weitere Werkzeuge"[de] or maybe just below "Save page as …"?