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Strollin' around
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In whiteboard or drawing sites like tldraw & pixiv sketch where we can use stylus from a drawing tablet, the pen pressure doesn't work in Firefox.
I've included screenshot of comparison of pen pressure test using done in Firefox(left) & Chromium(right).
At first I thought this was issue from application/site because I don't use Chromium but I was told it's Firefox issue & testing it myself on both browser proves that.
Please include support for pen pressure as I use Firefox everyday & don't want to rely on Chromium.

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I've been having this same issue whenever I try doing whiteboards or gartic phone with my friends- though instead of pen pressure, I just can't use my tablet/pen to draw at all on Firefox. My friend has the same issue, we always open a tab in Chrome just to do whiteboards/gartic. If they fix pen pressure, that might fix the general issue for drawing tablet users. What kind of tablet do you use? It could be depending on the type- both my friend and I use Huion (no screen).

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Running into this issue when using Photoshop for Web. On Linux, it has always been a pain to use Adobe products, so it was great to hear recently that Photoshop is now available in the browser. Firefox has been my browser forever and remains my daily driver. Unfortunately, pen pressure in Firefox does not work which is critical when doing digital painting, so I now have to resort to Chrome to use Photoshop.

It would be wonderful to use Linux+Firefox+Photoshop ❤️

Strollin' around

@drinksI use a Wacom tablet & it doesn't have a screen.

@gpgnI found a workaround for now which makes it possible to have pen pressure in Firefox.

If you're in linux use this command from terminal and log in again from your OS:
echo export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/

I haven't tested it on windows but in about:config, you can set
to true & see if it works for you after a restarting firefox.

I found out about them from Ask Ubuntu Forum  & SyncSketch Support page

Honestly I hope that Firefox team can make this work out of the box as there are more and more web applications now a days that make use of pen pressure.

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@yotaAmazing, thanks a bunch!

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I also needed the same change to get touch screen support working on my Linux Mint laptop.

Although I had this in a script I called after each firefox update:

sudo sed -i "s|Exec=firefox|Exec=env MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 firefox|g" /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop

Now trying that suggestion in /etc/profile.d see if that is a bit more persistent.

I think it is worth it to make this value the default for firefox installations on linux. Although with limited understanding, I don't see any negatives for setting that value by default. Having touch screens work out of the box is much nicer than having to figure this stuff out.