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Status: In development

Firefox Fennec had a great tabbed interface on tablets. When Fenix came, we regressed to a stretched out phone UI. After years of stagnation, Android tablets are rising again, thanks to foldables and new initiatives from Google. Firefox is missing out by not including a tabbed interface for Android tablet users, particularly because FF has best in class syncing abilities. Android power users are enthusiastic recommenders of their favorite browsers, so it would be huge advantage over Chromium based competitors!   

New member

Galaxy Fold 4 user here. Both chrome and edge switch between their phone (discrete tab page) and tablet (persistent tab bar) layout when opening/closing the phone. This is the one killer feature stopping me from switching to Firefox entirely

Making moves

I'd love to see this interface change now with the Pixel Fold coming out as well as on my tablet. It's annoying not having proper tablet support on Firefox






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This is needed pretty bad for Android tablets. Saw that it support on iPad. No excuse why this can't be on Android.

Not to be negative, but it is the removal of features like this and then the lack of initiative to get a feature that was in older versions of Firefox added back that has caused Firefox to lose their market share.

The phone UI hurts efficiency and flow when using Firefox on an Android tablet. This should have been fixed years ago.

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I'd also like to add my voice for the need to improve the Android UX for large screens. I just got a Pixel tablet and I have had to switch back to another browser due to how bad Firefox's interface is on large screens. I hoped to wait, but seeing that this "issue / request" has existed since September 2020 for a feature that was removed from the older version of Firefox, I'm worried this is a very low priority.

At the end of the day there needs to be a tabs bar, and the option to always open a website in desktop mode for large screens. This would bring feature parity to the other Android browsers available.

Strollin' around

Yes, please add a tab bar, my main reason for not being able to use Firefox is the lack of a tab bar. Every chromium browser has a tab bar so why, oh why, on earth does Firefox not have one?

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I really wish they added tabs for Firefox when using it on an Android tablet. The old version had this and why it's not in the latest version is a bit troublesome. I end up having to use Vivaldi or some other Chrome based browser to get them.

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I myself was a FF user. When I got a Samsung Tablet and found that no dedicated tablet UI on FF Android, I submitted feedback on Google Play. Years passed and I still see no improvements, this is why I shifted to Edge as my primary browser on Android devices.

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The only thing needed to make it perfect on a tablet!

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Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this is an egregious oversight.

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tab mode, pls. and changing the text scale for each site, there is very small text on the tablet. it is not convenient to zoom with your fingers when reading a large number of rss