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Status: New idea

As the title states. I tried to sync my 3 pcs (1 windows, 2 linux), tablet and phone... and it took forever. I appreciate the sync on extensions, bookmarks, history, etc. But I don't understand why the Homepage Shortcuts are not synced across PCs and mobile devices (they are like bookmarks, so I don't understand why they are not synced). I had to sync each device separately and it took a long time. Quite frustrating. Also, it would be nice if the toolbar customizations (including extensions) are also synced across all PCs and add-ons/extensions and settings are also synced across all mobile devices (phones & tablets). Thanks.

Status changed to: New idea
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can I vote 100000 times for this in order for it to happen?  LOL


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I spent an hour on my Macbook adding all these shortcuts to my homepage and then went to my office on my Mac Studio and nothing was there! Please, pretty please add the homepage shortcuts to the sync option!