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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Swiping between open tabs would be wonderful. Implementation could be exactly how it's done in Safari.

If you're in private mode then swiping would only be between private tabs. Swiping normal tabs would only navigate between normal tabs.

This is not the same as, which asks for swiping between all open and all private tabs.

New member

This is literally the only reason I don’t use Firefox on iOS

New member

I can't believe this still hasn't been implemented. This is an essential feature that I took for granted when I switched from Android to iOS.

New member

Please implement this! I switched from Chrome to FF and I’m considering going back. It’s so frustrating not being able to quickly navigate through tabs and having to open the main tab menu every time I want to go to another tab.

Making moves

Switching between tabs on IOS really needs urgent attention. The current way is just unintuitive when having tried Safari (and even Brave) and so quickly gotten accustomed to how it (they) handle tab switching.

New member

Slide between tabs

On IOS it would be great if I can switch between opened tabs by just sliding horizontally on the tab bar would save a-lot of time rather than going to the active tabs and choosing the tab I want 

New member

Gesture Ideas

In the Firefox for iOS, we currently do not have the option to hold our finger on the navigation bar and swipe left or right to switch tabs. It would be great if this feature were added. Additionally, it would be helpful to have the option to swipe two fingers towards the center of the screen to view all open tabs.

New member

Swiping between tabs on is also a dealbreaker for me. Please implement it and I am sure you will gain more users on iOS. Thank you!

New member

This is the same thing I need. I desperately want Firefox to be my daily browser on iOS like it is on everything else I have… and I try to use it daily… but this feature is one I use more often than anything else. I’m using brave browser and safari and they both have this.

New member

This is the most useful gesture in a mobile browser

New member

Yes, this feature would be really helpful!