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Status: In development

Firefox supports WebAuthn, but as far as I could tell only with hardware tokens. I could not find a word about Firefoxs support of Passkeys (like Apple announced recently) anywhere

Personally I don't know why passkeys werent adopted much sooner, it seems such a long hanging fruit to just store the key in the FF password manager.

I use FF to support a web where there is not only one option, like Chrome, but FF keeps falling behind and behind instead of being at the forefront. This should be a top priority.

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@9Life42Firefox on desktop already support third-parties through their extensions, so you should be able to use passkeys from your password manager on macOS.

On Android 14 the support still isn't added by the looks of it, though even in Chrome you have to enable a flag to support it.

But at least it so far seems that if you use nearby device on Windows, the phone is able to serve passkeys from password managers.

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True! Extensions have done their best to fill the gap, but I would prefer to use the native experience with support for Touch ID, etc. (I'm still holding out hope for AutoFill credential provider support on macOS one day too 🤞).

Fortunately I just discovered it's possible to use third party passkey managers on macOS after all! Apparently my passkey stopped working right around the time this feature rolled out and I erroneously attributed my inability to select the passkey as a limitation in Firefox's implementation. After generating a new passkey I'm able to select it from the third party app! I look forward to being able to do the same on Android soon!

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with nearby Device is available on:
Windows (11) and MacOs (13.4); not Linux, though Chrome does not support nearby on Linux either.

I have just tried using Passkey on Chromium, and they supported the Sign-in with nearby Device option on Linux.
Are there any plans to implement this feature in Firefox for Linux?

Tried with:
Chromium Version 121.0.6167.160 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)
Firefox for Arch Linux Version 122.0.1

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When will passkeys on Android RETURN to full support?

Passkey and WebAuthn support has degenerated to partial support since Firefox for Android 119.

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i use apple passkey's a lot so with this not being available i'll be switching to Brave. Sorry!

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It has been working flawless for me on Ventura and then moving on to Sonoma for at least a couple of months. Thank you Mozilla.


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I too am eager for "Sign in with nearby Device" on Linux! It seems to work well for me with Chromium on Ubuntu 22.04, but I would prefer not to have to switch to Chromium to start using passkeys more. @Honza Is there any way we can track the issue/feature request of support being added in Linux? Thank you!

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Am I missing something or 2 years later nothing has change ?

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Working around this personally by having multiple WebAuthn methods, but this would be a deterrent for most non-techie people who want to take advantage of passwordless authentication and aren't buying hardware security keys and don't want to use other plug-ins to make it work.

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It is really overdue for Firefox to catch up with Chromium-based browsers here, especially concerning cross-device login.

Bugzilla ticket for this:


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Firefox currently supports WebAuthn with hardware tokens but does not yet support Passkeys like Apple’s recent implementation. This omission is indeed a concern for users who value both security and the diversity of browser options. Implementing Passkeys in Firefox, leveraging its password manager, would be a significant step forward in enhancing user security and convenience, helping Firefox stay competitive with browsers like Chrome. Addressing this should be a top priority for Mozilla to maintain and grow its user base.

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@faiqaraniIf I understand you correctly, then the passkeys should be stored in Firefox's password manager, right? (Standard or as needed?)
I think that Mozilla should first make the password manager itself more secure, for example by forcing the use of a master password for the password manager and not just leaving it optional.
The next stage could be (optionally) to protect the password manager using TPM by storing the master password in the DPAPI and querying it using Windows Hello (UAC).
Under macOS, the master password is secured with the macOS Keychain and stored under Linux in the Gnome Keyring or KWallet. But I think that's a topic for another idea in Mozilla Connect.

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So as of today, you can't still signin scanning a QR code to use a passkey stored in your phone? (In my case they are stored in iCloud, so I just have to scan it and it works) It just tells me to use those USB security keys that you need to touch...

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As of today it uses the os support even if the os has no support unfortunately. Should work on win11, but not win10.