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Status: In development

Firefox supports WebAuthn, but as far as I could tell only with hardware tokens. I could not find a word about Firefoxs support of Passkeys (like Apple announced recently) anywhere

Personally I don't know why passkeys werent adopted much sooner, it seems such a long hanging fruit to just store the key in the FF password manager.

I use FF to support a web where there is not only one option, like Chrome, but FF keeps falling behind and behind instead of being at the forefront. This should be a top priority.


Thank you for your ongoing engagement and enthusiasm regarding the implementation of WebAuthn Passkeys in Firefox. We understand that this feature is highly anticipated by many developers and is crucial for the future of web development.

The team is actively focusing on this feature and on track to release the MVP by November 21, targeting Firefox 120. MVP is expected to include support for CTAP2, iCloud Keychain, and a Conditional UI available on desktop platforms only.


Please note that things might take longer than planned due to unexpected issues, so thank you for your patience!

New member

I'm very excited to see this implemented. Is there a target release for Passkey support on Firefox for Android? I switched by to Chrome on Android and MacOS for the passkey support, but I'm looking forward to switching back to Firefox when possible. 

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So for now there will be CTAP2, iCloud Keychain, and a Conditional UI but not Google's Passkey? Is it proprietary or not the focus right now?

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@HonzaThanks for the update! This is really great news for me, to have potentially with Firefox 120 "minimum passkey functionality"! 😃 - On the other hand this leads to the question: what (main) passkey functionalities will still be missing with FF 120 and what is the timeline for these? 🤔😅

@Ryan_SingerFF for Android and passkey functionality is a question I have too... I understood @Honza s last answer in this way: FF120 for Android shall get "MVP" for passkeys as well, only the Conditional UI will be only available on the desktop versions. I hope this is what he meant?!

@ChriexpeI understood, that CTAP2, iCloud Keychain and Conditional UI are (core?) part of passkey functionality of the coming FF120. Again, I hope I didn't misunderstand it.