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Status: New idea

Thunderbird # already has a great support for VTODO VCALENDAR and contacts. What is missing though is support for VJOURNAL entries. Journals are close to calendar entries. A great vesoverview gives jtx Additionally they introduce "notes" which are simply journals without a date.

The open source calDAV and cardDAV is a great way to share information between groups and family. Journals and notes would complete this sharing nicely.

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+1 This would be fantastic if implemented in TB. That way I can access notes/journals on Linux and Windows easily. My notes atm are stored as text files on WebDAV, which is good enough for syncing and accessing on any OS, but I think CalDAV vJournal would be a more natural place to store notes since you can tie them into vToDo and vEvent calendaring. Also, if TB did implement vJournal support I would also suggest support to render Markdown text in notes. I live and breathe Markdown in my text files. 😋

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I agree, this would be a fantastic feature for Thunderbird.

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Writing journals is nothing but communicating with your future self. It's a clear cut Thunderbird core feature.

It's embarrassing for the TB roadmap committee that this thread is necessary at all.