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Dear Mozilla,

I am a SysAdmin that has had to evaluate the Firefox for Android App in the Wake of our recent Mobile Device Management (MDM) project.

We are a small-ish Company and had relatively small requirements:

Auto-accept ToS, disable pop-ups, disable password manager, disable Mozilla Sign-In, set some default bookmarks.

These things reduce support cases & smooth out the ux, while still allowing the user access to features that are mostly user preference and not a risk to the Company.

App configuration on Android is Standardised using Managed Configuration(

The Firefox Android App does not seem to support this Interface, making it non-viable.

We now use Firefox Clear as a simplified solution, as our team prefers to de-Google where viable - but i fear its really just a matter of the C-suite getting annoyed before we have to go chrome(ium) due to a lack of Options.

Please add support for Managed Android configuration to make the app viable for the Enterprise market.

Yours Sincerely,


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Community Manager

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Oh yes, this sounds interesting in case to improve Firefox for corporate use.