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Status: Trending idea

I think it's a great opportunity for Firefox to stand out by supporting JPEG XL before any other browser.

Imagine images served by Cloudflare and Cloudinary load faster and look better only with Firefox. Firefox was a pioneer of web technologies and it should win the title back, if Firefox just keep following Chrome without any differentiation, why would people choose Firefox?

If the decoder memory safety is a concern, maybe Mozilla can start a crowd funding campaign to sponsor a Rust decoder, even the campaign itself will attract reports and attentions for Firefox.

Mozilla argued AVIF was already supported as a same generation but clearly JPEG XL has many advantages:

  • Much better encoding performance (AVIF is not suitable for realtime CDN optimization at all)
  • lossless and better high fidelity (video codec based image format)
  • HDR (there will be a billion of mobile devices with real good & bright screen in just a few years)
  • Little generation loss (important for web)

Supports from Facebook, Adobe (they're adding export support), Intel and VESA, Krita, The Guardian, libvips, Cloudinary, Shopify


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@Jonit has been 6 weeks, is there any update?

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I'd hazard a guess that the summer holidays have put things on hold for a few weeks - even if it would be nice with an update of course. 🙂

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So, the latest "drama" update: google seems to actually reconsidering it: (thanks Apple!)

Mozilla/Firefox, please do what you should be doing - setting and using good standards!

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should really get around to adding JPEG xl at this point so then they can be the second browser to have full support at this rate they're going to end up being beaten by Google Chrome again

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but when will Firefox fix the xjl rendering????
it's nice to have initial on nightly, but even that is not correct, animation doesn't work, and the alpha is totally broken

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Would it be possible to at least take a step forward anytime soon? We know Safari is going to release it as soon as possibly next month and usage will rise as large companies like facebook, nvidia, adobe etc have shown large interest in adopting this format.

Perhaps existing merge requests to improve the implementation of the format could be merged to improve the experience of nightly users who have explicitly enabled the format.

Or maybe the nightly requirement could perhaps be removed but stay as default off so people wont have to sacrifice much stability when they clearly want the feature. (As they're willing to go to about:config to enable it)

Maybe not enabling everything immediatedly but taking steps to get ready to adopt the format to be needed could at least give Firefox an edge over chromium if you do decide to go all in (which I hope you do)

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I just found out that Waterfox had support, full implementation, long before Safari lol
Do better Mozilla, even the forks had it fixed before you

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This Monday (September 18) iOS 17 is being released: ~1.5 billion people with JPEG XL support, so soon thousands of webpages will start using it, leading to users switching to browsers supporting this long-term replacement of JPEG image codec - why not Firefox?

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jxl flag was pushed to the stable channel but it’s a flag, and jxl animations don’t work 😅

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The flag is:



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@DonaldReaganI have this flag set and still need to have an extension to get JXL to work on 117.0.1

Making moves

I have Firefox 118.0 and an option image.jxl.enabled set to true, but JPEG XL images still won't show up.

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As far as I understand, the flag only works in the "nightly" development releases, not (yet) in the regular releases of Firefox. Support for JPEG-XL in the regular versions of Firefox would be very nice and I think there are patches from e.g. Palemoon which could be integrated.

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Currently a clear #1 in terms of positive reactions for Interop 2024 proposals, for whatever that's worth. Seems like everyone (including Google & Mozilla) has been pretty good about meeting the goals of previous Interops. The linked Github issue has some great feedback detailing why JXL is the future (but more support is always welcome, to anyone reading this!).

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I really hope to see JXL become a standard and would love to see Mozilla contribute towards that!