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Status: Trending idea

Add official support to casting to an Android or Apple TV, right now you have to use sketchy extension, it's not a good user experience.

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Please add this. It's been years that I've had to switch browsers every time I want to cast something, which is almost every other day for me 😞

New member

Would be great to be able to cast to my chromecast dongle on my tv from firefox! Thanks

Strollin' around

Can we at least know if this is planned, discarded or something? it has been a lot of time since first proposal so at least having an: it won't happen sorry would be great.


Hey, @ilab and all! Sorry for the delayed response - the short answer is that we're still working on some things on our back-end and evaluating how Chromecast support could work in Firefox. No firm commitment on a green light at the moment, but I'll follow up in this thread for updates as developments come forward.

This is my long-winded way of saying that we're putting this "Under Active Review" these days. Thank you for your patience!