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Status: New idea

The extensions feedback quiz is a nice idea but, in my opinion, it should be more actively avoided for it not to resemble, even remotely, to a solid wall of text.

(After all, the user has not been entirely pleased with the experience and most probably wants to move on as quick as possible).

I was thinking about making it look more attractive, like a personality quiz, with each question individually posed in a different page, and automatically advancing to the next question with each user's mouse click.

The heading of each question should be formulated in just two or three words to make the topic easily recognizable (e.g. performance issues, help and support, trust and privacy).

Likewise, the question options should be formulated in as few words as possible (e.g. high CPU usage) and their meaning more effectively conveyed by being visually hinted with the aid of side icons (e.g the tab with face icon used for website errors in a webpage tab Aw, Snap!).

Using fragmented sentences with verbs in options should be avoided (e.g Fix it) because they may sound somehow aggressively demanding and be deterrent.

Use sympathetic first person ( instead of you or the user) in options to encourage and reassure the user to give feedback "It does not do what I expected".


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