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Status: New idea

One of my most tasks is to delete emails, e.g. from the inbox. I find it inconvenient that this is only displayed very deep in the submenu. The very top would be ideal.

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Familiar face

I find the delete key on my keyboard is right under my fingers,  not many levels down in a menu.  Perhaps you should try using it.

Making moves

In addition to MattAuSupport method, here are yet more ways to delete.

1.If using 'Table View' which has one email per row and column headers:

Option : enable the 'Delete' column header.

Then you just click on the 'Delete' bin icon which is displaying in same email row.

2. if you have selected an email and viewing it in either Message Pane or tab

click on the 'Delete' button displaying in Message header area.

3. Customise the Unified Toolbar. Drag 'Delete' button onto Unified Toolbar then you can select email and click on that 'Delete button. This may be helpful if you have the 'Message Pane' disabled.