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Status: New idea

I need that when I finish working on my PC in a set of tabs and close the browser, it is saved. And when I then open my browser on a smartphone it opens the same tabs that I closed on my PC, and vice versa. Likewise on tablets.

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New member

i am using firefox mozilla again to login to any website

i have had enough of that stupid message that pops up wen trying to login to a website

it open up all passwords and then what do  i do ??

actually all i really want to do is hit delete or uninstall firefox mozilla

it is intrusive while i am trying to login to do something quick i got to deal with that stupid

popup over login area with explanation what to do get rid of it or i delete firefox

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YES, You described the Feature I have needed for a very long time.
I would actually appreciate it if this Feature were implemented.

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That's so convenient.

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What if one prefers to selectively open/close/sync tabs from other devices or wants to confirm syncing of all tabs ?

Not everyone wants their current profile session to be merged and polluted with entirely new sets of tabs automatically .