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Currently I'm doing research on a heap of products, and collating into an online spreadsheet. I'm wearing out the Ctrl+Tab keys flicking back and forth, copying/pasting etc!

It would be awesome to "pop-out" a tab and have it "float" on top like what Picture-in-Picture does. I know you can the tab in a new window, resize it, move it etc but it still doesn't stick on-top and has borders that take up space.


I've seen extensions that try to do split screen for tabs but they don't seem to work very well. Thanks!

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Tab Tiles

Edge has 2 side by side

Vivaldi has multiple tab tiles.

Firefox needs to adopt the Vivaldi way here, just an amazing feature that is missing.

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Split Screen / Page Tiling on Firefox

I'm a productivity user that often need to view 2 different documents in order to do my work.

On Microsoft Edge, there is something called Multitask with Split Screen.

On Vivaldi, there is Tab tiling or Page tiling.

These features allow the user to split the tabs in your browser into horizontal or vertical tabs on a single window.

I want this feature on Firefox. Instead of installing suspicious add-ons on Firefox for this feature.


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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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side bar is not nearly enough - being able to run and view urls side by side is a really useful tool

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Implementing split tabs in Firefox seems complex, similar to the challenges with Vivaldi’s mobile extensions. Progressing with this feature also appears difficult. Could the Firefox development team consider adding this functionality natively to avoid the need for potentially risky add-ons?