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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently I'm doing research on a heap of products, and collating into an online spreadsheet. I'm wearing out the Ctrl+Tab keys flicking back and forth, copying/pasting etc!

It would be awesome to "pop-out" a tab and have it "float" on top like what Picture-in-Picture does. I know you can the tab in a new window, resize it, move it etc but it still doesn't stick on-top and has borders that take up space.


I've seen extensions that try to do split screen for tabs but they don't seem to work very well. Thanks!

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.


Appreciate the comment and you sharing your workflow here! This functionality definitely could be a helpful addition in the scenario you presented. Something we will investigate as do more work and exploration in the tab management realm.


Add-ons are limited in what they can do -- I don't think they can create an "always on top" popup window.

As a temporary workaround, at least on a wide monitor, you could consider using the Windows shortcuts that tile a window to one half of the screen: Windows key + Left arrow to fill the left half of the screen, and Windows key + Right arrow to fill the right.

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I would like to request a feature where an user would be able to grab a window and make it create a vertical split between the two, much like where you would have two browser windows open side by side but instead the split tab would be one window.

Familiar face

@Anonymousmore like in Vivaldi I guess (but I haven't used it, so I don't now how intuitive it is) - all in one window

Making moves

Kinda related:

I've also tried that Tile Tabs extension, it appears to just break tabs out into separate windows then arrange the windows. Pretty limited!

Strollin' around

Browse multiple sites at once with Tab Tiling" for FIREFOX

please! make this function "Browse multiple sites at once with Tab Tiling" for FIREFOX -i only for this use another browser - because it so convenient!
No need to place many windows of firefox side by side, no need after restart - put windows of firefox again on places where it be yesterday.
All in one window!
here video how it works



New member

It would be handy to have two tabs visible on one windows or screen. The tabs would be grouped, so by clicking the grouped tabs you could see both websites at the same time (split screen in two) in stead of having to click each tab separately and browse through all the open tabs. For some website such as Instagram half the screen is more than enough. One could open Firefox twice and group split/grouped screens with Windows but then all the tabs in each instance of Firefox would only show on half the screen. I would like to see full and split/grouped screens possible within one instance of Firefox.

Making moves

I second this! This is needed.

Right now I tile my windows via MacOS, but it takes way too long. I have to drag a tab into being a separate window, and exit full screen mode, and then I have to tile the windows. It takes too many steps, and I do this all the time. Being able to tile tabs quickly would be a great feature.

Making moves

(Re-)posting this as my last idea has gone AWOL.

Prior to the move to web-extensions, there were (clunky) add-ons that could divide the browser into two or more panes. This was especially useful since most people have widescreens and the modern web (aka mobile-first) wastes space on the sides. Unfortunately, web extensions has crippled these add-ons and we're stuck "tiling" or "cascading" windows like it's 1995!

Please allow us to view 2, 3, 4 or more pages at once, this will allow huge productivity gains.

MS is experimenting with this in Edge:




Vivaldi showing how its done (viewing three tabs at once!):


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @KERR ... I think your previous post is in moderation (perhaps after an edit). Let me approve it and make it public again so you don't lose votes, comments, etc.

Okay, it should be visible here: Split-screen/Tab-in-Tab feature (view more than one tab at once) 


Making moves

Hi everyone!

Thank you for the wonderful suggestions and feedback in this thread. (And thank you, @KERR, for being an awesome OP!)  Really loving the group exchange here.

I'm happy to say that we've been investigating ways we could implement a prototype of the "floating" tab pop-out idea you brought up. It's time for Firefox to improve our tab management/layout experience. Times have changed from users focusing on a single active tab, especially in light of (as you mentioned) the Split Tab feature emerging in Edge and other browsers.

Will keep you all posted on concrete developments here. Wish us luck! 🤗 🦊

Familiar face

Well I think this idea is great idea if Firefox also had a snap layouts like Windows 11 inside the browser that would be really good I also had the idea to ask the Firefox Devs to add in a Tabs Dash Board so you can see a Dash Board of all of your open tabs. See the KDE Team can add Split view to their File Manger Dolphin then its not impossible for the Firefox team to do the same with their browser.