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Status: New idea

Pls pls add split screen option to mozilla android it's so important for any browser!

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Making moves

Firefox Nightly on Android currently supports Split Screen and "window" view.



If you don't mind daily updates (pun half-intended) and possible instability, then you could download it.
Otherwise, there's the unfortunate risk that this feature will be kept locked in Nightly for an indeterminate amount of time, along with other features such as "Pull Down to Refresh" or about:config...

New member

Does this include the ability to open a new window? I know in Chrome, Chromium, and Bromite for Android you can open a new window. This is helpful for streaming sites that allow you to open the chat in a new window, roll20, and a whole host of sites that work best when split into multiple windows rather than tabs.

New member

+1 for implementing this. It's more than just split view, but the ability to run multiple windows of the same Firefox app. Ideally, this includes being able to open and move tabs in new windows. Currently, Firefox does not have this feature for Android Foldables or iPads, but Chromium-based browsers do.

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Nightly does not have this feature, it's long overdue. Brave and Edge both have this, Brave even has a window manager. Still prefer to use Firefox.

Strollin' around

Multi Window in Android

Android Firefox needs multi window support like chromium browsers. Open any chromium browser, go to split screen view, again open the same browser, now you have two activities (not tabs) of the same browser. Firefox doesn't support this, which would be awesome if it did

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Firefox has split-screen now, but I can't see two pages at once.  I'd also like to see this come true 🙂

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Android Multi-Instance Support

Support Android's Multi-Instance feature, allowing two Firefox instances to run simultaneously side by side in split view.


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