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I want to be able to skip youtube ads in picture in picture mode.

I get three ads one after the other and I can't skip them I don't want to use ad block on youtube because I like some creators and I want to support them however I can, but three unskipable ads is too much even for me.



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Making moves

One option is to install the ad-blocking extension uBlock Origin, then turn its ad-blocking off for using the instructions on How to mark a web site as trusted. That way you will see ads most of the time. When you think you are seeing too many ads in a row, you can click the big power button in uBlock Origin to block YouTube ads again, then refresh the page to jump past the ads to the video content. Later, when you want to see ads on YouTube again, you would have to click that big power button again.

If turning ad-blocking off and on for YouTube repeatedly sounds like too much work, another option is to tell uBlock Origin to always block ads on YouTube, but whitelist ads on just the channels you’d like to support. That way, you will support the creators you care about and see no ads on other videos. uBlock Origin doesn’t support whitelisting specific YouTube channels directly, but the Disable filtering on YouTube channel section of its wiki describes two possible solutions.

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If you add your "I like some creators and I want to support them" to a white list in your ads block?... may be...

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YouTube nonstop does not currently work on Android mobile for Mozilla.  Does on Windows computers.


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Ads,,,why cant firefox have a disable ad for YOU TUBE>

i get  so mad  im in a middle of a  Cher  concert ,and  bam 5  ads  pop  up ........

tyvm for your  consideration


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I received a YT message just a few days ago demanding that I either, delete my AdBlock forthwith, or have my YT Videos disabled permanently after I watch two more videos.