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Status: New idea

As a Gmail account holder in Thunderbird, I was stunned to see Thunderbird inserts my signature at the bottom of the reply...below all messages which came before.  It would be far more helpful to have my signature always appear just below my current message and above any replied to message. 

Gmail settings on the web offer this as a setting...

" Insert signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it. "

Status changed to: New idea
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Years ago Thunderbird came with a default reply of below the message. At somepoint I am happy to report that the default changed to "When quoting, start my reply above the quote." However the signature is still defaulting to below the quote. This is IMO strange behavior where your reply and your signature are in two different places.
I agree that the default should be changed to "Below my reply" to match the reply placement.
Also in case tom is not aware, there is an option in the compose settings so you can change it for yourself. I never understood why you'd want the reply at the bottom of the message TBH.