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Sometimes it is not so easy to identify spam in the inbox. The subject and the sender look OK and only when I click on the mail to open it, I can see the email adress to identify spam.

It would be helpfull to see the full sender address when mouse over the sender in the inbox. Even better, when a spam button would be directly included with the mouse over bubble with the full email.

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Showing the full email address in a specific column, I would say this is mandatory.

Specially today with the spam but for all phising mails, so you can see in one blink of an eye if a mail is real or false.

I ALWAYS used a plugin. But that means that we need to hope it will be updated by the developer
I find this a weakness from Mozilla that is is not default in the application

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The latest update, 115.3.3, took away all information when hovering over an email's From column in the email listing before opening the email.  I really need to see the whole From field and also the address before I open the email.  The whole Subject field is still there, thank you.

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In my opinion, there should be additional columns (completely separate) that can be included for anyone who wants, one containing only the "sender's address", the other "recipient's address".

The second thing is to block modifications of the column layout by add-ons, this should definitely be restored, probably not. Are you following the path chosen by "apple"?, Block everything, after all, the user is too stupid to decide on his own what he wants to have displayed. Regards, Diunida.

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Show sender's e-mail address on mouse-over

When hoovering over the list of e-mails in 'Posteingang' the subject is shown on mouse-over. I suggest to show the sender's e-mail adress instead or in addition to check for spam whithout opening the e-mail.

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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in MSN (Outlook) website email when my mouse touch sender before click it and it shows highlight with email address that help me to see verifty it before I click to open email. Its more safe than open any stranger's email box. Not all email providers have that kind of features.

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I've been a long time user of Thunderbird and not being able to see the senders email address before opening an email is the one thing I don't like about Thunderbird (for easier spam and phishing detection)

So I really hope this can be added sooner rather than later 🙂

I have no real preference on how this is achieved:

  • Extra column
  • Via a setting
  • On mouse over (hover)

But it would be good if this is added for both the Table and Card view

Thank you very much!

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I also really need this, same reason as Danylo stated in new-column-for-e-mail-address-of-sender

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