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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Now the photos are visible in the mail header, which is great, but It would be perfect if we can see the contacts photos (avatars) in the Cards view in the mail list.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

This is a good idea. If I remember correctly, I think they even did that in a preview screenshot for what was going to be in the cards update, quite a while ago.

New member

It may seem frivolous, but seeing avatars in my mail list is important to me. I am really liking Thunderbird, but get tempted back to EMclient for the avatars

New member

upvoted, I would also love this feature.

New member

I think this would be a great addition and would go a long way toward making the inbox GUI more "modern"

New member

Great feature and one that would really help me when looking at the list of emails. It's something I miss about using GMail. It would also be awesome if it showed the favicon for known domains if no picture is present.

New member

Any news on this? I would love to switch to using Thunderbird, but having an icon in the card is a must for me. It makes flicking through a full inbox so much quicker and easier in Spark, which also seems to have them built-in for many business domains like PayPal or Google—perhaps it's automatically generating them using the domain's provided icons?