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Status: In development

i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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This is a much needed feature.

May chrome users I know stick to it because of this. I recommend the Profile Switcher Add-on to them which allows switching to other profiles after you open Fx. But not when you launch Fx, it just opens the default profile.

I use Ubuntu linux and personally I just create new launchers for each profile.

1. Launch firefox profile chooser from terminal using  firefox -p  and create different profile I'll need. e.g. personal, work, study, etc.

2. User an app like Menu Editor or create .desktop file to create launcher.

The command to launch 'work' profile would then be:  firefox -p work

3. For the most frequently used profiles I also create custom keyboard shortcut.

Not as easy as chrome, but it's a one time thing, so it's ok going through all that tinkering. But I'd love to see this included in firefox by default.

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@JonI confirm 🙂

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Thanks @jasiralavi but I don't give a crap anymore, I found Opera GX, has lots of features that I wanted in a Browser, it lacks some good ones from FF, but already suggest them, I'm just gonna push for them and even if I don't get them from Opera maybe a Chromium Add-On will be added at some point, haven't searched its add-on repository yet, yet I'll stick with Opera GX as it gives great advantages, including default Dark theme natively, improving videos and images with sharpening: on YouTube 480p looks like better than 720p, and 720p better than 1080p, I can use less bandwidth and have even sharper frames, same for images: the default mid sharpening improves image clarity; Faster  browser, Sending to mobile is super fast coordination, just disable the Dark theme for QR sync and put Dark Theme back on, imbedded social media, Tab Islands are on their way, so I'll be golden. Rust makes FF slow and Mozilla turns out to be a fake Non-Profit earning lots of money yet is a mediocre browser; so I gave FF a good chance, over ultra-slow/dead Netscape 64-bit development, but makes no sense now, so good riddance FireFox

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How is this not already a feature?

The single most common complaint I hear amongst Firefox users isn't actually about Firefox itself, it's "Why don't more people use Firefox?"
That probably has something to do with it hiding basic functionality behind about: pages that don't have any mention in the settings GUI whatsoever.

It's 2024.
If you think any average user wants to add 15 keystrokes to what is usually a 2-click process, you are delusional.

I'm going back to Brave. Let me know when Firesux makes it out of the 1990s.

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@Jonwill something happen for this idea it has been exploring more for quiet some time now.

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Registered for this nonsense purely to add my voice to the choir. Mad that Firefox doesn't have this in 2024.
Like everyone else here I just want the same easy "2 clicks" process Chrome delivers to be delivered in Firefox.

In Chrome currently, in a hassle free manner I can click the menu, go to profile settings, create a new profile and assign a name and icon and confirm. That instantly gives me a launched seperate browser session, in a seperate PROCESS, a customised desktop shortcut with my custom chosen icon, so now with two more clicks I can pin my new profile to the taskbar, and easily have different browser windows for all manner of themes "Casual browsing (default), Holiday ideas, Gaming, Work" etc.


Current experience:

In 2024 in Firefox I have to look up method online, open new tab, find about:profiles, create in there, sacrifice 3 goats, realise it has opened a new browser window in the SAME PROCESS, curse, look up online again to attempt to create customised shortcut that will directly link to the new profile, get directed to some third party add-on or about:config screen just to get it to ungroup, get frustrated and delete the new profile from about:profiles and just use chrome, find this forum, sacrifice 3 more goats, create account to rant, next step is to drive my car up a hill, get out and have it run me over.

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an improved profile experience would make firefox 100x better

for me at least

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Voting for this too, my use case: I need 3 profiles:

- Personal
- Crypto: where I have all my wallets and tools that have nothing to do with other two profiles
- work: where I can login to zoom meetings and have different accounts than the rest

This feature is a must..

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How do we know if this is in the works or not? Seems like Mozilla is ignoring us all... there's 12 pages of demand on this....

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@FirefoxWhodiIt's not in the works. According to the last update from them, "Back with an update...

We have reviewed this idea and are elevating it to 'Exploring more', which means that we are looking into it more before making a final decision on potential next steps. Click here to learn more about The Idea Journey.

Please feel free to continue the conversation here (the more details to support your use case, the better) and stay tuned for updates."

So after 2 years and 12 pages of people clamoring for this they're sadly still only considering it. It makes you wonder how they do decide on things to add, since it certainly doesn't seem to be based on what their users want.

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I've been a user of Firefox since the early days, but it is still lacking in some features after all this time. While I mainly use Firefox, I still go back and forth between other browsers as well due to those deficits. Especially regarding profiles. I want to be able to click the menu in Firefox or even have a button next to the menu button to get to profiles and from there be able to select another profile which shows a different name and icon and then select to either switch to that profile or open a separate instance of Firefox concurrently with that profile. This different profile opened session of Firefox should be completely separate and easy to distinguish from other profiles of Firefox. They should show different icons and names to distinguish them and allow me to save/pin them separately to my Applications as well as my Dock (in MacOS). They should also be able to be open concurrently and also be able to open and close them separately, while also being able to restore all previously opened windows and tabs per each profile when reopened. So probably best to have them function as if separate programs. I'd also like my Mozilla account to be able to save and sync all my different profiles and all their respective data, but also keep all histories, bookmarks, etc for each profile separate.

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Sometimes I think the reason why companies in general don't implement such obviously hot features is because they're part of the global elite.

Hear me out before you offer me some aluminum.

We have all the tech to make computers run on 100gb memory but some are equipped w/ 4 to 8gb to this day (2024). Why are we even stuck at 32? You have to wonder why all tech is leaked on a very slow and gradual process. The world would be incredible and at PEAK levels if they just released the best tech. For some reason, they don't want that. They could offer it to the public tomorrow. But they don't.

Mozilla understands that some day we'll have live-in AI machines living in our homes, with full browser-based capabilities. So how is a feature this bare bones unavailable? No logic.

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First, Wished if we had reply feature here, it would make it easy to follow these threads and thoughts for us and Mozilla employees.


Second, Cuckoo Cuckoo, sorry I had to do it. But i kinda agree. I think google pays Mozilla to stay alive and recently I noticed Mozilla act and decide like a big cooperate. not what it used to be. MAYBE it is paid to stay stagnant. but I think more likely it became a cooperate. because look at the other options like Vivaldi and others they are amazing. Oh, but they are chromium maybe that why.. Who knows.


But a simple button to click and switch or open profiles like as in ALL other browsers is not implemented yet!!! makes no SENSE. How hard is it to do it, the infrastructure is already there, they just need to do some front end development, that is it!?


this is beyond me.. cuckoo cuckoo. Hope you laughed, at least.

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@OGhey, I dont think it's got anything to do with being a chromium based browser.

Floorp is a firefox fork that has multi-profile, workspaces and other features like PWA built in.


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Will this be available on firefox anytime soon? This is so frustrating to even try to use firefox for multiple profiles and now almost everyone has to use multiple profile for work college and personal. Can any firefox dev comment whether it is in roadmap or not?