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i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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Better User Experience for Profiles and Multi Account Containers

I like How google chrome Profiles user experience is, but I love Firefox Multi-Account Containers much much more. I would choose multi account over Profiles. 

And yes, I know how to use several profiles on Firefox but the User experience is horrible because switching between profiles in Chrome is just a couple mouse clicks, On Firefox it is not as simple. I use about:profiles to launch other profiles/managing them, so I am okay, BUT teaching others how to use several profiles with Firefox is tedious and they prefer Google Chrome. And every single person I taught about Firefox Multi-Account Containers loved it, And they staid with Firefox because of it, but they wanted Profiles too, but felt it is complicated in Firefox.

Personally, I want to have folders in Firefox's Multi-Account Containers, I think it is only me because  I have OCD and I love to organize and I am the IT of my family, so I have 16 containers and it is perfect way for me to manage my parent's and SO accounts, or work account,  and my other accounts, but in certain situations you need profiles.

I used to login and out of accounts or use private browsing but now I just use Firefox Multi-Account Container, THANK YOU MOZILLA.... And I also love how Firefox tabs are not mushed up together, so again, THANK YOU MOZILLA...  But I also hate Firefox for not having a better user Experience for Profiles, I think it should be easy to implement because it is just a short cut to open and delete Profiles

In conclusion, Containers are better than profiles for me and most people I know, but they are not Profiles and Profiles are amazing but they are not Containers. I want them both. Can I?



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Multi account / profile possibility


I`m trying to move away from chrome and join the mozilla comunity.

I would like to have the posibility signing in with 2-3 different account in the same browser (my account, my wife`s and my company`s account). each profile to have his own email. to be able to switch between them, customize individually, keep browsing history separate, bookmarks separate etc.

Chrome has this multi profile selection and helps me to keep everything organized.

thank you,


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And let us have an icon for each profile that is on the app icon, so we can visually find our work browser among our personal browsers.

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I would like to switch to Firefox, but without a separation for my profiles, it's a not really possible. On chrome, I use 6 profiles for work, private and other projects. Firefox is a really nice browser, but this features is stopping me from switching to Firefox.




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I am yet another person who wants to switch to Firefox but the lack of easy profile switching is unfortunately a dealbreaker for me. I really hope that making a more user-friendly experience is under consideration. 

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Hi all,

Back with an update...

We have reviewed this idea and are elevating it to 'Exploring more', which means that we are looking into it more before making a final decision on potential next steps. Click here to learn more about The Idea Journey.

Please feel free to continue the conversation here (the more details to support your use case, the better) and stay tuned for updates.


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It would be great to have this feature.

I would like it if one can see it by the icon, which window belongs to which profile, and that the operating system groups all windows, which belong to one profile, into one group. One could add for example the first letter of the profile name to the icon.
Also it would be nice if the profiles are each registered in the operating system as a separate browser, so that you can open a link in the correct profile of the browser. This is for the feature of launching the browser with a link from outside the browser. You could launch the browser with the link that you want to launch it with and in the profile that you want to launch it in.
Also, as others have already said, it should be easier to open a profile. A menu entry for profiles would suffice for this.
And it should be possible to have at least two profiles open at the same time.

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Not having a 1click way to change between my many work and home profiles is exactly why I use chrome more than firefox. Any complex workflow developer or employee requires it these days.

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It's inconvenient to frequently switch between my work profile and my leisure profile, or use both profiles simultaneously, on Firefox. I'd like to exclusively use Firefox for both profiles (basically I want to run two instances of Firefox), but since there's no way that I'm aware of to create desktop shortcuts for each profile, I have no choice but to use Firefox for one profile and Chrome for my other profile.

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user-interface that labels different profiles and allows easy switching between them

my use of web-browser relies heavily on the use of profiles. I keep using Google Chrome because it gives me functional use of profiles by allowing me to apply a visual label and color to the browser window and offering a profile-menu that lets me visually pick from existing profiles. If I could do this in Firefox, I would use Firefox instead.