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i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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Hey, I found a workaround

Turns out, Firefox has already profiles in it, it's just ain't easy to access.

Just go to the address bar, and type about:profiles to create a new profile (different sync account, bookmarks, history, etc.)

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Please I really need this, missing this feature is the only thing held me back from using Firefox

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I've created a similar "idea" about guest mode, please upvote as well:

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If this was implemented, I would switch to Firefox in a heartbeat. Containers are good but I want separate histories. Also, the profile switcher extension creates 2 separate firefox icons on my dock for MacOS, which is weird.

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Huge fan of Firefox and Mozilla. I've been using Firefox since version 13. Besides being open source, I have always like all FF functionality, especially related to Firefox bookmarks. FF bookmarks are so much better than Chrome. Chrome bookmarks suck. However, I'm strongly considering switching away from Firefox, because there's a feature in Chrome that I use all the time: profile switching. In Chrome, I can easily switch between the five profiles I have. (I have additional Chrome profiles for my elderly parents so I can manage and monitor their email and bank accounts. They were scammed online out of several thousand dollars.) In Firefox, I simply cannot switch between profiles easily. The profiles concept in Firefox must be rebuilt from the ground up. Please hurry! I really do not want to switch to Chrome as my primary browser. Honestly, I don't want to use Chrome at all, but have no choice because of lame Firefox profiles. Thank you for your consideration.

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Something like this post would pair well with this idea:

Firefox Profile Chooser Concept by @000 in Ideas 

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With the amount of users that may be returning to the Firefox fold after the recent Google announcements re: Adblockers it might be a good time to implement this.

I created Shortcuts on macOS to launch my 3 different profiles but it is much more annoying than clicking on my face in the upper right and switching (or similar).

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I will comment my thoughts on this:

I think the profile switching needs to be a bit more user friendly. In this, I would like to be able to select the "Firefox account" icon on the toolbar and select to change or open a new profile from there (not have to "start+r" and "Firefox -p" - and not to have to click a desktop shortcut to do this).
I would also like the profiles to be separate instances of Firefox, similarly to how they are on chrome so that I can pin each one to the taskbar and easily tell them apart and open them up. (currently they are all just "Firefox" so it is harder to tell them apart)

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On my side, I have created a new shortcut on the taskbarlaunching Firefox with the option -P  to use another profile than the default one.

But every window is agregated in the same icon after. It could be great to have an icon per profile. It could be better to distinguish them.

For my usage, no need to other feature. This only one is enough.