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Status: New idea
I switch off the main checkbox "Shortcuts" because I want a certain amount of privacy (people looking over my shoulder not seeing where I have been). I still want to support Firefox with "Sponsored shortcuts" being shown and any revenue that may be generated from this. That is not possible as long as it is a sub-item of the main checkbox "Shortcuts". Maybe consider separating the two, so that people such as I can continue getting the Ads but still preserve their privacy? Or reversing them, so that the Ads are shown at any rate and I can opt out of places that I have visited?
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Making moves

How about getting rid of all "Sponsored" stuff? Mozilla and Firefox used to be "Free and Open Source" with a kind of Hacker Ethic. Kind of strayed from that. And, Settings does not have an obvious Sponsors on/off setting; it's totally different and non-obvious requiring a "Help" link.

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Until recently I got a few sponsored listings followed by the listings that I was interested in however now I get my entire screen filled with sponsored links none of which are related to my original search.  Even if I go to screen 2 I am still getting sponsored links.  If Firefox cannot reduce this then I will be switching to another browser.