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Usecase: Ive just ran into the issue that ive tried to stop websites from opening new tabs or auto forwarding me for no good reason but it didnt help like ive intended. Now i have to change it back but because ive made other changes my list is quite long and im not sure which setting will be the right one. This wouldnt be an issue if i see the date when ive changed the setting. Surely i could look up websites in my history manager but if i deleted the history than there is no easy way to find out.

Also: firefox seemingly shows me more preferences that i should have edited than i actually have edited which isnt helpful in locating the one i need. Maybe this has something to do with extentions but then they should show the name of the extention that changed this preference the last as well as the time and the date when the changes was made.

Thank you Firefox team for securing our free and unbiased acces to the internet youre awesome and i really appreciate your ads on reddit rather than seeing wrongly used memes!

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