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Status: New idea

So apparently Firefox has a feature called "Sync". I have no idea what this feature does and I've been told by the head honcho himself after he had a hissy fit that it doesn't do what it sounds like it does (and i don't think it does any thing at all) so I'm going to suggest what it should do.

Firefox has this wonderful feature where it remembers all your windows and tabs and their histories so when you start it up it automatically opens every window and tab you had open and each tabs history. I believe the files responsible for this are "previous.jsonlz4" "recovery.jsonlz4" "sessionCheckpoints.json" and "sessionstore.jsonlz4". What would be nice is the ability to make a "hard save" of your session and even be able to transfer it to a new computer's (or phone's) Firefox browser (especially helpful for phone users). This way you could always keep your session safe even in the event of a catastrophic event like losing your hardrive or even your computer entirely. And for you phone users out there you wouldn't have to worry about porting over every single tab you have through near share (which doesn't transfer tab history) when you change/upgrade phones. Just log into your Firefox account and transfer your old session from your old phone to your new one "restoring your session" on the new device.

Now I'm fairly sure that Mozilla won't implement this idea as its pretty clear that the old days of Firefox being the browser "by the people for the people" are over given that my previous idea of a restart button hasn't been implemented despite the support it got or the fact that Mozilla is booting all of us windows 7 users off the platform but if there is still any of that old spirit left in this browser then i might as well try.

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Making moves

I have been looking for a way to do this, easily.  There are use cases where, in an R&D environment for example, you might want to do this for testing.   There are ways to parse the previous.jsonlz4 file via the command line, python, etc., I suspect one can extract the data they need like open URLs etc.   But good luck doing that if you're not a programmer.   This is just an example of where each browser has its own thing, interoperability is not really part of a browser design.  But, I can also see a use case for some feature to extract those sessions into a new browser via a tool, in the case of where a browser wants you to move to their platform.  I'm sure these must exist somewhere.