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Currently, the "Autofill logins" option is nested under the "Ask to save" option. I decline Firefox saving passwords 99% of the time but I still have a few manually-entered saved passwords that I use for frequently used sites.

I'd like to be able to have those logins auto-filled while also disabling the option to be asked to save a password every time I log into a new site.



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Allow Autofill Logins to still be on when Ask to Save Logins is turned off.

In Settings under Logins and Passwords, I really wish that I could turn off Ask to Save Logins and Passwords From Websites, but at the same time leave on Autofill Logins and Passwords.  The reason is that I only use the Firefox password manager for a few low security items like logging into newspapers.  I use Bitwarden for everything else.   When I used Chrome, I could turn on Ask to Save Logins when I wanted to add an item to their password manager and then turn it off again.  That worked well.

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