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Status: New idea

The entire purpose (for me) of using SEND LATER is to hide the fact that I'm awake and responding to emails at 3am.  I'm pretty horrified to realize that these messages are time stamped at creation instead of delivery.  PLEASE PLEASE allow an option to update the timestamp of unsent messages 

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yes absolutely no interest to send later if the timestamp is not the one of the moment it is really send

New member

This would be a useful feature. I've sent emails at off times before only to have the recipient notice the actual send time/date and expect that in the future. I might also send an email to a friend or relative at a time, but I don't want them to know that I really wrote it earlier and risk the "if you were home Friday night, why didn't you call me?"

I was often in a situation at work where I'd have an early Monday AM deadline. I might do the work long before that, but too much tendency for execs there to expect that all the time (if they realized you'd done it much earlier) and start pushing deadlines.