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Making moves
Status: New idea

If I receive a file attachment, I would like to transfer it directly to, either via Thunderbird's API or by right-clicking -> Send to Virustoal.

The file could be cached in a "to be examined" folder on the hard drive and then transferred to Virustotal.

In principle, everyone could use their own account API key for Virustotal. API reference

If Process Explorer can send all processes to Virustotal, then you could certainly also send email attachments to Virustotal.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Familiar face

You use virus total I assume,  I actually had to google the term and I have been involved with Thunderbird sup[port for more than 10 years.   I think you might struggle to get such a thing introduced, based solely on a lack of interest or virus total users.  But Virus total might be prepared to author an addon that does it.

Making moves

change the provider to

I actually wanted to have the extension published in the extension store. But is free, but you do need an API key. You would then have to negotiate with them about more data traffic with the API key if you want it to work globally for Thunderbird - check file attachments.