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Making moves
Status: New idea

Steps to reproduce:

In Firefox, go to Settings. Search settings for "Saved Passwords"

Expected behavior: The top result is the button to take you to the list of your saved passwords.

Actual behavior: There are no search results

It seems that instead of being called "passwords", Firefox uses the term "logon". To me that seems like a misnomer, since logon refers to a specific session not the secret string itself, but whatever. The important thing is to have an alias to "password".

The strange thing is that if you search for JUST "password" then it comes up. And if you search for JUST "saved" then it comes up. But if you take two queries that give you the right result and you concatenate them together, you get no results.


Currently, that little box requires an exact match and doesn't consider the space to mean either AND or OR. It would be helpful if it either did a fuzzy match by default or allowed doing that as a second level (try X OR Y, etc.).



@mdavis-xyz  thanks for bringing this up! Indeed we could alter the button a bit so it will be easier to find. While we are fixing this, you can try to use Menu > Passwords instead, I find it a bit easier to use.