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When searching for a bookmark in Manage Bookmarks, Firefox doesn't show the folder containing the bookmark(s) that were found. It would be helpful if Firefox showed the folder where the existing bookmarks are found.

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Community Manager

Also, related idea here: Bookmark search should show folders as well 

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YES I raised this some time ago!

Karl Reed

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I am going to have a grumble..

The objective in good design should be click-minimisation., and reduction of cognitive load.

Right clicking should show things that are NT obvious, e.g. right-clicking on an item int the Mac folder now shows some 10 or so options that are not obvious.

However, in the case we are discussing, there is already a presentation metaphor we are all used to, that is, the Bookmark list on the LHS of the window.

So, showing the folder containing the bookmark could look like that

Result of bookmarksearch as it should beResult of bookmarksearch as it should be


Right-clicking could show the folder-tree AND the lists of options that might be available..

People need the my case, I am re-naming bookmarks so that I get all related ones, e.g.  all my news links will eventually named according to *.news..

But the folder is in ~Bookmarks.Menu->all.good.bookmarks->news.sources->european.sources->uk.sources

With hundreds of folders. So, I think that the path should be the automatic display with the imediate folder and its contents.


The display should be ~Bookmarks.Menu->all.good.bookmarks->news.sources->european.sources->uk.sources

The path is more useful to me than the actual location in the bookmarks list displaced although this is a useful option. Right clicking could then give more options

I hope this helps

Strollin' around

A "Folder" column would be a HUGE help in allowing users move/sort their bookmarks so that related bookmarks are all in the same place (making them easier to find.)

Strollin' around

The new "Show in Folder" option on the Right-click menu is helpful, but one big problem with that is that it takes you away from your search results.

I'd like to sort my bookmarks via "Cut & Paste" directly from my search results, not be taken away from my Search results to the folder where it resides, then have to hunt for the desired folder over & over for every bookmark I wish to move.

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hi, what i want is finding folders of bookmarks in search bookmarks

greetings Frank

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Strollin' around

Hello Mozilla Community.

I know it has been requested in the past, but a bump never hurts and depending on the mood of desirable features to support here it is again.

It would be nice, when searching bookmarks, to be able to search the folder.  It was a huge boon in being able to right click and 'show in folder', but when your bookmark library goes across a few decades it gets large.  Add in having to regularly perform research and actively use bookmarks in a work environment, sometimes searching by bookmarks and tags isn't enough and the ability to search folders for categories would be great.

Thank you for your time!

Making moves

I find it incomprehensible why this feature isn't already in Bookmark Manager. It seems like such an obvious element.

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I entered a new bookmark by clicking on the star. I then looked for the bookmarked item and couldn't find it. I then discovered that the bookmarked item was added to my "Finance" folder. This was strange in two respects: the item had nothing to do with Finance, and the Finance folder was deleted some time ago.