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When saving files with the same name, a number will be added automatically. You save the first file with the name "picture", when you save the second one, (1) will be added there, it will look like this: "picture (1)", and then there will be names "picture (2)", "picture (3)", " picture (4)" and so on.

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When I try to save an image with the same name as an image in a folder, it says "〇〇 already exists.
Do you want to overwrite it?" is displayed. In browsers such as chrome and edge, the name is automatically renamed to 〇〇(1) after the name. In the case of Firefox, I have to rename it manually.
Why is such a simple function not included in Firefox? When there are files with the same name in a folder, I want it to be renamed automatically as (1).


I think currently it depends on your Downloads setting:

  • "Save file to" - Firefox automatically deconflicts file names
  • "Always ask you where to save files" - Firefox makes the user responsible for file naming

This definitely could be made easier, but I'm not sure exactly how to reconcile what the user has in the name field versus what is needed to avoid overwriting. Should the browser suggest a unique name at the time it opens the dialog, which would be different from the actual page name, or change your chosen name after you click Save, which would be different than what you said you wanted? There must be another way??

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Thanks for the reply.
I am currently saving my files in this configuration.

Always ask you where to save files

”Should the browser suggest a unique name at the time it opens the dialog, which would be different from the actual page name, or change your chosen name after you click Save, which would be different than what you said you wanted?”

When saving a file from "Save Image As", it should be automatically renamed in the name field.
For example, if "01.jpg" is already in the folder, it is convenient to rename it automatically like this.

When saving from a browser such as chrome, it will be renamed like this. Then press the save button and the file will be saved.

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I don't want it to be renamed automatically. Firefox is about control over content, this would remove control. Prompt and have the user decide.  That is the best way to ensure the user maintains control, not the software.

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That takes a lot of work.
That is why it is renamed "(1)" in other browsers.
But currently, if you want to save a file with the same name, you have to rename it yourself.
In other browsers, "(1)" is automatically added after the name before saving. In Firefox, it is not added.
In any case, you have to rename the file to save it.
If you want to rename it, why don't you just delete the "name (1)" and rename it?
The best solution would be for both you and me if the mozilla side would introduce the ability to turn on/off the setting where (1) is automatically attached.




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Hi, the following comments are based on Firefox for Windows.

If you keep the basic function of Firefox saving automatically without asking you where to save, then Firefox does add numbers to resolve duplicate file names. At least, that is what is supposed to happen.

However, if you set Firefox to "Always ask you where to save files" then avoiding duplicate names become the user's responsibility. I'm not sure of the best way for Firefox to handle the duplicate name problem in this case. Should it follow the other approach of automatically adding a number, or alert you to the problem and make it easy to choose what to do next, like add a number, overwrite the old one, etc.? I'm not sure I want to surrender control of that choice.

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im patiently waiting for this feature to arrive. chrome has this already. and as a graphic designer/photographer manually renaming each time there are duplicates is horrible. the "Save file to" and "Always ask you where to save files" is useless.



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auto rename files

My favorite feature in chrome is how it does not have that annoying "this file name already exists" message when trying to save a file, instead it adds the number to the end of the file so the annoying message does not pop up. Example "imgage(1).png"

Please add a feature similar to this, it would help me out so much, thanks in advance.


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(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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So lets clarify this...  firefox does not rename a file or image saved off a web page by automatically changing the said filename through adding an additional number ie (1) if that name is already in your folder like Chrome does. Got it... Thanks. Sorry for the run on sentence