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Making moves
Status: New idea

It will be cool if you can add and remove search engines in Firefox, just like in Vivaldi.

I don't think it's hard to do.


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Hi @Tannim

You should already be able to add and remove search engines in Firefox. Here is more info:

Hope this helps!

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Hey @Jon, yes, we all know that it's possible, the point is that it's much harder than in Chromium-based browsers.

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Community Manager

@Kyrylex thanks for clarifying and joining the discussion. Feel free to add any more details to support the idea—this always helps when our product teams review ideas.

Status changed to: New idea
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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Include the addition of your own search engines in the search bar, not the suggested ones. You do not leave a choice of the destination of search engines other than those you have suggested.

Making moves

For some search engines the settings are available as query parameter, avoiding cookie usage, like qwant. For example:
* l=en&locale=de_de&s=1&theme=1&ta=2 => english, localised in germany, dark, ...

It would be awsome, if we could add/configure query parameters on a search engine basis. With some default, like if dark theme is set for the browser, but we want to explicetly overwrite it (because the dark them implementation is not as nice as expected, etc...).

The platinium implementation of this functionality would even be, to give the control of mapping to the Search engine maintainer. I mean with mapping the link from: "functional parameter" to "technical query parameter". Then the user only select "Dark theme", "high density", "langage='use browser value', ..." and the corresponding &theme=1 is added

Making moves

With Chrome and Edge you can manually add search engines yourself, by using %s as the query parameter. This means you don't need an addon for every site (and you can add any possible site you want).




I think it would also be good to advertise how easy it is to add search engines to Firefox from existing sites that support Open Search, like YouTube. It's not very obvious right now:




I use this all the time for Youtube, ebay, amazon etc, as it saves time and having to load the website. I also find those sites' homepages are very distracting (I forget what I wanted to search for!)



Making moves

It will be cool if firefox launches its own search engine like Google. Inbuilt search engine on chrome, is useful for users. similarly mozilla should also launch a search engine.


Rahul Ranjan Singh



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I absolutely agree with the way to add search engines using Chromium-based browsers.

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Please consider add search engine management for Firefox . Currently you can only add search engine to Firefox if a site have OpenSearch metadata provided, if the site doesn't provide such metadata then you'll need to add the search engine in a hard way (e.g. use a 3rd-party browser extension to add a custom search engine)

Also, Users might want to edit the added search engine if the metadata provided by the website is incorrect, or might want to remove some tracking parameters. Currently it's not possible to do such thing just using the Firefox built-in functionality.

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Community Manager

@webpulseindia heads up, there's a separate idea for a Firefox search engine here:

Firefox Search Engine 

Making moves

It actually is possible to add custom search engines, they are just hidden from users. If you create bool variable browser.urlbar.update2.engineAliasRefresh and set it to True in about:config you will enable the "Add" button under about:preferences#search window.

It's also a question, why is it disabled by default, and why is it under such obscure variable?

Making moves

Anteriormente se podía realizar búsquedas en Yahoo y otros, pero actualmente no es posible, simplemente no hay opción, pues no aparece entre las opciones elegibles y tampoco permite agregarla.


Sería bueno agreguen opciones personalizables para que así el usuario pueda modificarlas a su elección.

Allow adding search engines manually

Previously you could search on Yahoo and others, but currently it is not possible, there is simply no option, since it does not appear among the eligible options and does not allow adding it either.


It would be nice to add customizable options so that the user can modify them to their choice.

Strollin' around

add support for manually adding search engine in firefox desktop


I would like to be able to add search engine manually in Firefox desktop. This is for search engines like Google Scholar, on which the "add search engine" button don't show up.

This feature is already available in Firefox for android, and I don't see why it is not implemented for desktop Firefox too.

Thanks !

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