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Please fix the skinny scroll bars in Thunderbird.  I have tried everything in the about:config to no avail.  I can't go on with them having a thin width.  And keep them visible.

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please fix this asap.. driving me nuts trying to work and losing the scroll bar/mouse connection.

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Yes please to wider and/or adjustable scrollbars. I found this thread by searching on "how to adjust width of scrollbars in Thunderbird". Enough said!

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Please make the Thunderbird scrollbar wider. It's impossible to deal with.

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To anyone having this problem in windows 11, go to settings, visual effects, and you will see an option to turn scrollbar on or off. Dont know why it would be off, but putting it to on solved the issue with thunderbird for me.

Strollin' around

Heh, that was unexpected.
I have always found scroll bars to be an eyesore and a distraction. I even wish they would get rid of the useless scroll bars, since I can scroll freely with the mouse.
It is Windows 10, but the scrollbars are still "thick" as before.
Well, I have accepted that that is the way it is.
So many different opinions.

It would be nice to be able to make variable adjustments from zero, since this is directly related to the user experience.

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I use Linux Mint Cinnamon. Most software adopts my settings for scroll bar width. I like wide scrollbars, easy to click and drag.

Thunderbird ignores those settings and has uncomfortably narrow ones.

Please either let us change the scrollbar settings, or (even better) just use the ones set in an OS.

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Agreed.  I'm on a desktop, not a phone.  I want visible scrollbars that I can click on with my mouse.  Scroll wheels are just too slow. 

Also, I don't want them to disappear when I don't mouse over them--I want to be able to see how far down a message I've scrolled since I often use the spacebar to scroll, and when I get to the end of a message, I don't want to move on to the next unread message, which may be way down the stack--I may want to delete the current message, or open it, or reply to it, or whatever.  If I can see the scrollbar without mousing it, then I have more control.

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For those of you wanting to fix this issue with the Windows 11 Settings app but don't often use this app.....

1) Type 'Settings' in the Search Bar

2) Open the Settings App

3) Click on Accessibility 

4) Click on Visual Effects 

5) Turn on Always Show Scrollbars (I am surprised that the default is off) 


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Same here. The tendency towards making such important tools skinnier and skinnier is incomprehensible to me. Why make software harder and harder to navigate? My scroll bar is so skinny I cannot click on it at all (view screenshot attached), so I have to use the scrollwheel on the mouse instead. When I attempt to click the button in the scroll bar, the horizontal resizing tool pops up instead. This thread has been up for two years now, so it looks to me as though no-one is taking any notice. Is there some other way to communicate this and other issues directly to the Development Team instead of merely commiserating on the forum?

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 00.06.51.png