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How to increase the width of the vertical scroll bar?

Making moves

How to increase the width of the vertical scroll bar on Firefox? It's too annoying to work on this unreachable scroll bar. Can you fix it soon? Else I'll explore other browsers.




Take a look

Try Configuration Editor for Firefox if you wish

Search a preference
Double-click on the preference to set its value to false

Search a preference widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size.override
Double-click on the preference, enter a new value, 30, for example


I tried both and could not get it to work. I went into Windows 11 and set the regedit.exe values to twice the default width and that worked on File Explorer and Open Office which is all I have looked at so far. Nothing has worked on FireFox but I cannot get the profiles (another pain in the neck problem) for Local Folders to move over to my new PC either.

I used this to increase the vertical (and I think it did the horizontal bar as well, it also looks quite wide) scrollbar width. You get to the Registry Editor by right clicking the blue Windows button, seleting Run and then type in regedit then click OK. I used the formula -15 x 17 =255 and changed it to -30 x 17 = 510 and typed in 510 where it says Value data.