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Status: New idea

Hello !

It would be handy if we could schedule the deletion of certain mails easily.

For example, having a "recycle bin" where we could drop mails, but in reality it would only be a shortcut to that mail that would be created there, the original mail would still be in its folder.
And we could configure parameters, so that for example, any mail dropped in this recycle bin would be deleted after a week, a month... etc

For example, for trains, we receive a lot of mails when the train is about to leave, and I prefer to keep them until the end of the journey in case of problems. But I have to think about deleting them manually on a regular basis to avoid being drowned in these now useless mails....

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Best regards !



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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

New member

Existing features can maybe solve this idea:

You can setup a rule that moves these mails to a specific folder automatically.
and add a retention policy in that folder to, for example, purge all mails in that folder after one month.

If you have many sub folders and still would like to keep an eye on these specific mails:
you can create a search view with specific criterias to find mails across all your mailbox.