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Status: New idea

There should be a protection against opening the saved password menu in firefox, in chrome it will ask you for your systems login before you can see those passwords, it would be nice if something like that was here on firefox. i know theirs a master password kinda thing here but its not quite the solution.

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Does that mean Chrome can know your system password?

New member

I just want to concur that primary password does not seem to be an adequate solution to this security problem. Firefox should only ask for the primary password when 1) auto-filling on a site and/or 2) editing, revealing or copying the password (on a every time or every session basis) rather than asking every time the browser is opened.

I think a good solution would be an OS authorisation with password or (even better) features such as facial (howdy) or fingerprint (fprint) recognition via Linux PAM, equivalent to Windows/Mac versions. A second-best alternative would be a numeric pin of 4-8 digits that can be set for a particular Linux browser.

Anyway, just a few thoughts and happy for any comment!